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Pyramid Meditation: The Most Powerful and Effective Way to De-Stress Yourself

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What is meditation? Well, I think we all know that. The term “Meditation” is quite often associated with either highly learned spiritual gurus or it gives us the image of a monk-in-the-cave. But do we know that we all practice meditation in our everyday lives? Yes, it’s true. We all do it by sleeping at night. Because Sleeping is unconscious Meditation and Meditation is conscious Sleeping. Sleeping is only the natural mechanism of our body to receive and preserve the vital energy that flows in the cosmos. While in meditation we do it with a little effort.

Pyramids, the Store-House of Energy

Though there are different aids and techniques available for doing meditation, one of the most potent among them is “Pyramid Meditation”. It means doing meditation inside or underneath a Pyramid which is called the “store-house of higher cosmic energy”. Pyramids are basically a solid structure with four triangular sloping sides resting on a square base and four apices joining at a point forming the apex of the pyramid. The Power of the Pyramid was obtained through a blending of the radiated cosmic energy of the universe with that of the gravitational force of the earth. Thus the Pyramids provide a very high-energy environment which helps us to reduce the level of stress and tension in our physical body. Many people experience feelings ranging from calmness to extreme ecstasy during their meditation sessions inside the pyramids. Some even claim to have out-of-body experiences while meditating inside a Pyramid. Scholars have said that Meditation done inside a Pyramid is three times more powerful than without it.

Simple steps for doing Pyramid Meditation

There are two steps for doing meditation inside a pyramid.


Posture is the first and foremost step in any meditation practice. You can sit in any posture that is comfortable to you with your spine erect. However, the yoga postures like Sukhasana or Padmasana are recommended for this by ancient yoga masters. Then clasp your fingers of both hands. Alternatively, you can also do Gyana Mudra by joining your thumb and index finger. Then make yourself as comfortable as you can and slowly close your eyes. For added impact, you can also play some good relaxation music in the background. There are various music CDs, MP3s, and mobile apps available today for this purpose.

Meditation Technique

The easiest and most profound way to do meditation is to observe one’s own breath. Just inhale and exhale deeply and try to witness it while you are breathing. The science says when the mind is with breath, it becomes empty. Slowly thoughts become zero and breath becomes shorter and shorter. By observing and witnessing you will slowly reach a No Thought No Breath State. This is the state of bliss where you can get an abundant amount of cosmic energy.

There are numerous benefits that we can get by including pyramid meditation in our everyday life. Our memory and thought power are increased tremendously. Bad habits start to vanish automatically. Sleep-time is reduced. The body’s immunity and healing mechanism are enhanced. We can work with greater capacity. And we always stay in a peaceful and blissful state.