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Sustainability as a way of life: Why, How and Where to start

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As survival of the fittest is considered as the open clue of evolution, sustainability has become new social decorum to stay organically happy and healthy. It has become the most deserving lifestyle concept, not only because of its eco-friendly nature but also for its positive impact upon culture, economy, as well as global well being.

Sustainability is all about small lifestyle modifications that are supposed to help us lead a more balanced life and to carve a niche for our future progeny at the same time: in short, it is today’s resolution for tomorrow’s well being. So basically it’s a win-win situation.

What we invest?

A bit of awareness, planning and lifestyle modifications. That’s it.

What do we get?

A physically fit body, an emotionally stable mind, a composed state of being that we can always be proud of and thus creating an all-encompassing social system that will be valued and followed by many generations to come. Unfortunately, many people seem to be reluctant to come out of their comfort zone and adopt a lifestyle that is more enriching and engaging in terms of total well being. Even if they wish, but they lack the motivation and wait for others to start the saga. So here are few small, simple and easy-to-implement tips, that we all can embrace as our first step towards sustainability.

The trend of “Minimalism”

Reuse, recycle, and reduce should be the three pillars of our shopping creed. Whether it’s about buying vegetable, clothes or any other luxury items, the focus should be on quality, based on our actual needs. Whenever possible choosing a product which is natural/organic, is certainly helpful. Though this organic industry is yet to flourish and people often complain about it being expensive and lack of availability in the market. But it’s all about demand and supply. The more you buy, the higher will be the production and the cheaper it gets. Once we understand the implications of shopping and the impact it has on the environment, we can easily plan our shopping only for the most essentials. Why be meager with more stuff when you can be rich with less! There is an interesting video called “Minimalism”. You can watch it to get inspiration.

Alternatives for plastics

Life without plastic is hard to imagine. But we all know how dangerous plastics are. Many of us use it so lavishly without a second thought. The more plastic will be used, it will gradually destroy the ecosystem of the world. More the ecosystem will be disturbed, we will be an endangered species on the galaxy as some animals have become extinct on our planet. Nowadays, we can find many alternatives for plastics. So use plastic only when it’s absolutely necessary and recycle it always(which is equally important).

Water Conservation

Water is rightly said as the colorless elixir for life. So water conservation has become extremely important. Following the dictum “charity begins at home”, we can adopt some smaller actions like taking a short shower, using recycled water for daily cleaning chore, fixing leaky faucets, use of low water volume flush, etc. so that wastage of water can be reduced. Rainwater harvesting is also one of the most amicable ways for efficient water preservation. So give it a try in your home and in your community as well.

Eco-friendly Commuting

The Oil and Natural Gas industry can be rightly called as the king of all environmental pollutants. So it’s of utmost importance to take some serious measures towards controlling it. While industry leaders around the world are figuring out some effective ways to handle this crisis, we can definitely take some actions on an individual level. In order to reduce the use of petrol, we can drive less, practice walking and cycling as a transport mode for short distances. It will help us to stay fit and to reduce the production of harmful carbon monoxide gas. Investing in an efficient electric vehicle is also a smart choice.

Sustainable Fashion

Fashion is one industry that involves all other industries through its processing and supply chain. Starting from growing cotton, dyeing, making the finished products and finally transporting to a destination. This whole process requires lots of harmful chemicals, tons of water consumption, heavy usage of electricity and polluting air while transporting it. So now we can assume how big is the impact of the fashion industry on the environment and as a consumer how we can help to minimize its damaging effects.

Energy Efficient Homes

One of the most obvious ways to adopt sustainability in life is to make our home energy efficient. We can do it by planting trees in the roof and balconies, use of sunlight as maximum as possible, and use of energy efficient bulbs to reduce energy bills, etc.

Use of natural sources like solar energy, wind energy, etc. are other ways you can adopt for a more sustainable lifestyle.

These are only baby steps we all can easily add to our everyday life. The effect of all these lifestyle modifications will definitely add some positive values and will help us connect with nature in a more harmonious way, contributing to our physical, emotional and social well being. Though it will be accounted as tiny drops for making up the mighty ocean and there is a long way to go. But we never know what will be the far-reaching impacts of ripples of these tiny drops. One thing is for sure, it will pony up an enormous amount of pride and pleasure.