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ॐ हस्ताभ्यां दश्शाखाभ्यामा जिव्हा वाचः पुरोगावी |

अनाम्यित्नुभ्याम हस्ताभ्याम ताभ्याम त्वाभिः म्रिशामसि ||

I touch you with divine healing hands having ten branches of healing fingers which are inspired by the power of my tongue(words)

Start your self-healing journey with Vedatmika, backed by the ancient authentic healing sciences from Vedas. I am a certified Reiki Master, Marma Therapist and trained in various forms of Vedic energy healing sciences such as Yajna Therapy(Fire Rituals), Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra(Hand Postures), Astro Numerology etc.

Vedic healing balances life energies and brings vitality in your entire physical, emotional and psychic body. It works on a holistic healing system that incorporates Satvik diet,  Pranayama, Yoga, Chanting etc. The various natural modalities such as  Therapeutic Touch Healing, Counseling and Meditative Therapies are used to channel natural vital energy.

  • Sparsha Chikitsa(Therapeutic Touch). It is a Hands-On-Healing Technique mentioned in Atharva Veda. Sparsha Chikitsa along with Crystals and Essential Oils stabilize your Pranic Energy Flow,  revitalize your body, and activates the natural healing system of your body. It’s a great supplementary treatment and helps to reduce your stress and pain-response.
  • Marma Chikitsa(Vital Point Stimulation). Marma Chikitsa comes under the Aangiraasee treatment as described in Ayurveda. It reestablishes the link between the brain and body by stimulating respective Marmas or Vital Energy points on the body to activate the endocrine secretions. Thus it greatly enhances the immunity system, heals the body from within and restores overall wellbeing.
  • Yajna Chikitsa(Herbal Inhalation Therapy). Yajna or Homam is a scientific process of medicinal herbal inhalation through fire ritual, mantra chanting and pranayama. It’s the most powerful healing modality which impacts your physical, mental and subtle body, and transforms you from within. It also purifies the surrounding environment and helps to heal in a profound way.
  • Astro Healing Chart. I do an in-depth study of your Astro-numero chart, your chakra energy system through 1:1 consultation and questionnaire form. I prepare a customized self-healing PDF guide and train you through zoom sessions/in-person on how to implement it in a practical way suitable to your lifestyle.